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Academic Program

ASIJ’s mission of “developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for global responsibility” along with our Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) provide the foundation for our academic program.  ASIJ’s curriculum is inspired by the best in American and international education and is designed to foster academic excellence, creativity and individuality. Small student-teacher ratios are maintained to assure opportunity for individualized instruction — an important part of ASIJ's emphasis on teaching to the whole person and attention to students' unique strengths and needs.

A dynamic and diverse school community nurtures our students’ love for learning and is shaped by our dedicated and experienced faculty with the support of a highly engaged parent body. Whether it is at the Early Learning Center or in a high school classroom, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and compassion are the key values embedded throughout our curriculum. Supported by extensive access to technology and a 1:1 laptop program that covers grades 6 to 12, students and teachers have the ability to explore and share information in a multitude of ways in every subject area.

With superior facilities and master teachers, the academic program is designed to provide opportunities for students to excel in a wide range of activities. From learning Chinese, building robots or conducting an investigation in forensics class to taking a master class from a visiting musician or working with an author in residence, ASIJ strives to provide innovative and authentic learning experiences for students that challenge and inspire them. An extensive range of extended campus activities supports our learning goals and mission at all grade levels—whether it is kindergartners taking a field trip to see soba produced, middle schoolers talking to atomic bomb survivors in Hiroshima or seniors staying with a Japanese family on a farm in Nagano.

ASIJ high school students progress through a college-preparatory program that provides the opportunity to select accelerated, honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. In May 2014, 324 ASIJ Students took 803 AP exams, with 94% of our students scoring a passing grade of 3 or higher. This compares favorably to the US average of a 60% pass rate. 


Developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for global responsibility

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