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Our Alumni

Alumni play an active role in the ASIJ community, with over 7,500 alumni currently receiving regular contact from the school through electronic and print publications. Several class and regional reunions are held each year, giving our former students and teachers a chance to reconnect.

Through the generations ASIJ’s alumni have made important contributions to fields as diverse as diplomacy and dance, and have fostered friendships around the world. Outstanding alumni include Ambassadors Edwin O Reischauer ’27 and Oleg Troyanvosky ’37, US Senator John Cornyn '69, leading business executives such as Sony Chairman Kaz Hirai ’79, internet entrepreneur Joichi Ito ’84 and pioneering surgeon Wise Young '68. Alumni in the arts include Oscar-winning actress Joan Fontaine ’35, actress Linda Purl ’73, singers Agnes Chan ’73, Judy Ongg ’69 and pop star Hikaru Utada ’00.

The Japanese government has recognized the cross-cultural contributions of alumni such as Beate Sirota Gordon '39, Albert Kobayashi '42, Hans Baerwald ‘44, Isaac Shapiro '48, Bruce Brenn ’53, Fred Notehelfer ’57, Peter Grilli ’59, John Powles ’66 and Fred Schodt ’68 with Imperial Honors.

For more detailed profiles of our alumni, please see alumni featured in The Ambassador.


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