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Learning with Technology

ASIJ prepares all students to meet the challenges of a dynamic global society in which they collaborate, communicate, create and innovate through ubiquitous access to people, information and ideas. It is our aspiration to make technology an integrated experience for students, rather than a periodic event, by bringing technology into the core of the learning process and the learning space. In achieving this goal we understand that while technology can change learning, it is the teacher who truly improves it.

We believe that a technology-rich environment enables teachers to design work that emphasizes the skills students will need in the future. With a focus on personal devices from grades 1 through 12, students are empowered collaborators and communicators, seekers and consumers of information, and creators of knowledge and media-rich products. They work on a wide-range of engaging projects requiring higher-level thinking, and critical and creative decision-making and problem-solving.


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