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Japan Center

ASIJ’s Japan Center launched in August 2015 with the mission to serve as a bridge between the school and the local, broader Japanese community. Through innovative and creative workshops, lectures, curriculum enhancement, student programs and community outreach programs, it aims to provide authentic Japanese cultural experiences for the ASIJ community. The Japan Center’s goal is for students to build a more meaningful connection with Japan and to develop their capacity to understand diverse perspectives.

Each year, the Japan Center takes a particular area of focus and this year, we are exploring the theme of 技Waza and 匠Takumi. Waza in Japanese refers to technique, expertise, skills and Takumi refers to the master of that technique, in other words, an artisan. We will look at traditional craftsmanship, manufacturing, architecture and discover how they relate to contemporary artisans. In addition, we will also look at 和食 washoku Japanese cuisine which was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013.

Shodo calligraphy classes are offered throughout the year during the school day and we have after-school programs in:

  • Kendo 
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Washoku Japanese Cooking
  • Nihon Buyo
  • Geometric Origami and Imagination



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