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Middle School Facilities

ASIJ's Middle School benefits from all of the advantages of being part of Tokyo's most spacious international school campus, while not losing the intimacy of a smaller school thanks to small class sizes, a separate library and gym just for middle school students, exclusive use of the cafeteria during lunch time and a second sports field primarily for their use.


Classrooms - Classrooms are primarily located in the Middle School building and are fully equipped based on subject. Classrooms are arranged to encourage collaboration and group work.


Science Rooms - Beyond the usual microscopes and test tubes, our science rooms feature equipment that connects to student's laptops for advanced data processing. Also, a functional planetarium installed in the room completes the astronomy unit.


Art Rooms - In addition to plentiful supplies for painting, drawing and crafting, students have access to pottery kilns under teacher supervision and even life-size mannequins for fashion design.


Music Rooms - Specialized rooms support students in choir, strings, instrumental band and digital composition.


Library - Students in the Middle School have their own library stocked with age-appropriate books. Updated with new books throughout the year and Kindles packed with ebooks, it's a popular spot for students to curl up in a nook for some quiet reading.


Creative Design Building - Our newest facility featuring design technology labs, a robotics lab, multi-purpose room and a strings room. On the top floor a Japan Center offers additional resources for students to learn about Japanese culture.


Commons - An atrium area in the center of the Middle School building perfect for assemblies, skits and other gatherings as well as a place to hang out between classes.


School Services - At lunch, students can choose from a variety of meals or salad bar in our spacious cafeteria. A well-equipped health center and campus security also ensure our student's well-being.
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Arts Facilities - A dance studio and 570-seat theater are just some of the state-of-the-art spaces that middle school students enjoy as part of our music and performance arts program.
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Athletics Facilities - Tennis courts, 25m indoor pool, dedicated middle school gym and two sports fields are some of the spaces that students enjoy for PE and after-school sports.
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