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How to get to ASIJ's Chofu Campus

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By Car

Take Shuto No. 4, which merges into the Chuo Expressway, to the Chofu Interchange, Exit No. 3. Exit toward Fuchu
onto Koshu Kaido (Route 20). Turn right at the Ajinomoto Stadium intersection. Follow the map below.

By Train

From Tokyo or Shinjuku Station, take the orange JR Chuo Line train bound for Tachikawa or Takao to Musashi-Sakai
Station. (Please note that only rapid trains [快速] stop at this station.) Get off and exit the JR Station and transfer to the
Seibu Tamagawa Line. Take the Seibu Tamagawa train two stops to Tama Station. Get off and follow the map below.

By Bus

From Mitaka Station’s south exit, bus stop No. 8, take bus No. 52 for Asahicho 3-chome [鷹52朝日町3丁目] or
Kurumagaeshi-Danchi [鷹52車返し団地] to Tama Station. From Tobitakyu Station’s north exit, take bus No. 01 [飛田給駅北口]
to Tama Station.

By Taxi

From Musashi-Sakai Station, take a taxi from the south exit. From Tama Station, turn left after exiting the station. Go
straight, then turn left and go downstairs. Walk through the tunnel under the tracks to the roundabout on east side of the station.
Take a taxi from the roundabout.


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