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Arts at ASIJ

In the studio and on stage ASIJ student artists achieve excellence across a wide spectrum of arts activities. Supported by our dedicated art, music and theater faculty and the Friends of the Fine Arts (FOFA) and PTA, our students regularly put on show-stopping performances of everything from musical theater to traditional Japanese arts such as kyogen and taiko drumming. The ASIJ Theater and Black Box play host to numerous concerts, performances and events each year that range from the elementary handbell concert and the middle school play to the high school’s Broadway-style spring musical.

ASIJ’s student musicians are regularly selected through individual audition to perform in Kanto Plain performances, along with students from 10 other schools and globally in Association of Musicians at International Schools (AMIS) events with students from 17 other schools. In recent years, high school musicians have attended the AMIS Jazz Festival in Beijing, 8 out of a total of 32 performers came from ASIJ, and the AMIS Honor Band and Choir in The Hague.

Whether it is learning ballet or hip hop in our dance studio, creating characters in manga club, or broadcasting a live event with ASIJ TV, students have a myriad of ways to express themselves artistically at ASIJ.

For more information, check out the latest news from the arts program, theater program, and music program at ASIJ.


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