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Athletics Program

ASIJ's extensive athletics program takes advantage of our outstanding facilities and talented coaches to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for students. A wide range of athletics activities and intramural sports provide students with the opportunity to engage in different activities during each of the fall, winter and spring sports seasons. Students are encouraged to make selections based upon their abilities and interests and our program emphasizes the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and individual growth.

In the elementary school, the focus is on participation and developing an interest in sports. In the middle and high school, students begin to compete and gain experience playing against other schools in Japan and in the Far East regional tournaments. ASIJ's athletic program is one of the largest and most diverse among international schools in Japan and students at the upper grades compete at the highest level, with many of our teams bringing home championship trophies. A measure of the success of our program is that many of our athletes have continued their athletic careers at the collegiate level and beyond their time at ASIJ.

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