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Athletics Facilities

ASIJ offers the most complete athletics facilities of any international school in Japan, the majority of which have been built or upgraded in the last few years. These facilities support our innovative K-12 PE curriculum and an extensive range of athletics activities on the Chofu Campus.


Main Field - Our main football field's artificial turf provides a safe playing surface that is used year-round. Field lights allow play in the evening and video cameras, including a telescoping Endzone Video System, provides a bird’s eye view for use in post-game review of games by coaches and players. A running track and area for track and field practice make this a multi-use facility that is enjoyed by all our students.


Middle School Field - Our second field also features artificial turf and is used during the day for Middle School PE classes and as a recreational space for middle schoolers. After school, the field is available for soccer, field hockey, baseball practice and a wide variety of other activities.


Three Gyms - Each of our Chofu divisions has its own gym, which is used during the day for PE classes and assemblies. After school and at weekends, the gyms play host to a broad range of activities, such as volleyball, basketball and badminton, as well as intramural tournaments. Our middle school gym also feature a climbing route that is used in our Adventures class.


Pool - Our 25-meter indoor pool is used year-round by students from kindergarten up. Our aquatics director and PE faculty oversee an extensive swimming program that provides students at all grade level with the opportunity to gain confidence in the water as well as experiencing swimming at a competitive level.



Fitness Center and Weight Room - Our well-equipped fitness center and weight room both feature a range of machines that include eight half-racks with custom platforms, two full Jammer extension machines, eight Powerblock dumbbells, cardio equipment and a four stack cable machine.


Wrestling Room - Whether it is the wrestling team training and practicing their holds, an elementary PE class or the developmental gymnastics club learning to tumble, the wrestling room is used for a wide range of classes and activities.


Dance Studio - The dance studio provides a specialist space for our hip hop dance club, after-school ballet program and other groups to practice.


Tennis Courts - Six tennis multiple-use courts provide a flexible space that can be used for tennis, Futsal and basketball.


Athletic Trainer's Office - Our athletic trainer works with students out of a dedicated training room supplied with specialist equipment.


Covered Basketball Court - This flexible space sees a lot of activity during elementary school recess, but can also be used for basketball practice and other activities.


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