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Developing Compassionate, Inquisitive Learners Prepared for Global Responsibility.

Strategic Objectives

Students at ASIJ will:

  • become adept at identifying problems and using innovation and collaboration to design and evaluate solutions.

  • take risks, explore passions, develop their strengths and pursue their personal paths with resilience.
develop the capacity to understand diverse perspectives.


To be an exemplary international learning community that nurtures each student's full potential.

To achieve our Vision, we will...

Vision Direction 1: incorporate instructional practices, programs and align our structures so that all students embody our mission and strategic objective(s).
Vision Direction 2: develop the means to continue and enhance ASIJ’s tradition of excellence given the changing context within Japan in line with our Mission, Vision and Strategic Objective(s).

Core Values

ASIJ prioritizes the needs of the whole individual and promotes a balanced education for each student. We focus on the acquisition of high-level academic skills and the healthy social, physical and emotional development of our students.

At ASIJ we inspire our students to achieve their full potential and to passionately pursue excellence in everything they do. We actively seek out learning experiences that develop creativity and instill the desire to achieve personal success.

At ASIJ we recognize and accept our obligation to act responsibly to protect the environment and conserve our resources.

Honesty and Integrity
At ASIJ we promote honesty and integrity in our interactions with one another.

We celebrate over 100 years in Japan and take advantage of the potential learning opportunities beyond the classroom in one of the world's most dynamic, cultural, social and economic centers.

We develop good citizens who contribute to the betterment of our school, our community and society.

Our varied backgrounds enrich our community, and an environment of respect and tolerance allows us to comfortably express our views.


Developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for global responsibility

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