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Academic Overview

Our middle school curriculum addresses the intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of international middle school students whose long-range plans include attending a college or university. As MS students are experiencing a challenging period of growth, academic expectations at this level have a different focus from those at the elementary and high school levels.

In MS classes, students will be challenged to do the very best they can. Extension opportunities serve to stretch their academic abilities. Experience has shown that the varied curriculum and wide range of activities at the Middle School provide a challenging program for most ASIJ students, who tend to be above-average academically. We assess students based on their performance against ASIJ-adopted curriculum standards. We report on each student’s attainment using proficiency levels to communicate whether a student is achieving the standard.

Advisory Program

Every middle school student has an advisory period in their daily schedule. During this time, a small group of 10-12 students meet together with their faculty advisor. Some days are designated for Social Emotional Learning while others are dedicated to Academic Advisory (additional time for one-on-one academic support).

The advisory program is designed to provide each student with a sense of belonging to a group of peers through the development of healthy social interactions among the advisory group members. It creates a structure for school activities, grade level programs and daily announcements as well as provides an organizational base for students to make meaningful contributions to the school, community and world.


The middle school schedule offers a variety of required and elective courses. Middle school students follow an eight-day rotating cycle with four 80-minute periods per day.

MAP Testing

Students in the Middle School take standardized tests called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). The tests are done in the areas of Reading and Math, and are scheduled two times per year--once in the fall and once in the spring. The MAP testing process allows us to measure our students’ achievement against other similar student groups, and to use the individual results to help each of our students to maximize their learning.



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