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Application Instructions

Kindergarten Applicants
Kindergarten is offered on both ASIJ campuses: at the Early Learning Center in Roppongi and at our K-12 campus in Chofu. Parents of kindergarten applicants are asked to indicate the campus of their choice when applying. If no preference is indicated, kindergarten placement may be made at either campus at ASIJ's discretion. Applicants with siblings enrolled or concurrently applying to the Chofu campus will be given priority consideration for the Chofu kindergarten, unless parents specifically indicate their desire for placement at the Roppongi campus.

Grade Levels for Students Applying from Schools with Calendar Year School Schedules
Students applying from schools with calendar year school years (from January or February until November or December, as in Australia and Singapore) will be considered for admission to the grade that extends their current school year. In other words, students applying for August enrollment should apply to begin the grade they are currently attending, and students applying for January enrollment should apply to join the grade they have just completed.

Standardized Test Results
If your child has taken standardized tests, please send copies of the results. Generally, you will have received a report with the results of any tests taken. Your child's permanent school records may also show these results. Either report form is acceptable. ASIJ does not specify the test that your child must take. However, we do require that results of any tests taken be submitted with your child's application. Names of tests that your child may have taken include Iowa Test of Basic Skills, ISA Test, CogAt Test, MAP Test,  Stanford Achievement Test, Terra Nova, U.S. state tests such as the New York State Mathematics Test, U.K. National Curriculum Key Stage Tests, the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT), the PLAN test, GCSEs, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), etc. Please contact us if you have questions about standardized testing. If your child has not taken any standardized tests, ASIJ may require that testing be completed and results submitted prior to making an admissions decision. For those students taking the SSAT test, scores should be reported directly to ASIJ using our SSAT school code:1253

Health History
Complete the parent's portion of the health history, including your child's immunization record. A copy of your child's immunization booklet or pediatrician's form can be attached. ASIJ does not require any particular immunizations. Rather, families are asked to follow the protocol recommended by their family physician. If your child has not received any immunizations due to health concerns or your personal beliefs, please attach a statement to that effect. Please describe in detail any medication your child takes on a regular basis. ASIJ's Health Center is accustomed to caring for students with chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. Please feel free to contact the school nurse by writing to if you have health-related questions or concerns.

Physical Examination
A physical examination by a physician is required of all newly enrolled students. The Physical Examination form is included with other application forms for your convenience. Please do not send it with your child's application as it is not required for an admissions decision. It is due at the Office of Admissions on or before your child's first day of attending classes. Please contact them with any questions.

Confidential Recommendations
Recommendation forms include a statement giving your permission for the teacher to provide confidential information about your child. Please sign the statement on each blank recommendation form you give to your child's teachers. One confidential recommendation on the form included with the application packet is required for applicants to ASIJ's Early Learning Center (nursery, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten at the Roppongi campus) and kindergarten (Chofu campus). Two confidential recommendations on the forms included with the application form are required for applicants to grades 1 through 12. These recommendations should be written by teachers, counselors, or principals who know your child well and can provide an assessment of your child's academic performance and behavior. For elementary school students, the best recommenders are your child's two most recent teachers. For middle and high school students, one recommender should be a math teacher, and the second should be either an English teacher or a social studies teacher. Please ask teachers to keep copies of the recommendations they write! Recommendations should be returned to ASIJ either in a sealed envelope or by fax or email attachment directly from the sending school or teacher. In either case, they are to remain confidential.

Alternative Recommendations
If you are having difficulty deciding who should write your child's recommendations, please contact us, and we will work with you to identify appropriate recommenders.

Additional Recommendations
It may be appropriate to ask for one or two additional recommendations, particularly if your child has attended several schools or has worked with a learning support teacher or other specialist. These additional recommendations do not take the place of comprehensive educational studies, IEPs, or other specialists' reports, which are required to complete an application if they apply to your child. It is not necessary to provide family recommendations from employers, family friends, etc. They will not be considered in the application process.

Recommendations in Languages Other than English
Upon individual request, Japanese versions of the Elementary School recommendation forms are available. While recommendations in English are highly preferable, they can be submitted in languages other than English. In most cases, translation by a faculty member is possible. In some cases, you may be asked to have the recommendation translated and certified at your own expense.

Report Cards and/or Transcripts
In most cases, copies of the report cards you received as parents are preferred.

Applicants to the Early Learning Center and Kindergarten:
Report cards or teacher narrative comments from any prior school years and the current year should be submitted if available. Children at ages 3, 4, and 5 may not have any reports to submit but can still proceed with the application.

Applicants to grade 1:
Report cards or teacher narrative comments from any prior school years and the current Kindergarten year should be submitted if available. Please continue to send additional report cards as you receive them during the Kindergarten year.

Applicants to grade 2-12:
Report cards and progress reports for each term should be submitted for the previous two school years, along with any similar reports for the current school year. Please continue to send report cards or progress reports as you receive them for this year.

If your child has been homeschooled, please contact us for information about how to report your child's academic program, progress, and results.

Additional Reports
The application asks you to indicate any supplementary school services your child has received or is currently receiving. These include, but are not limited to, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, learning support or resource room attendance, gifted and talented education, English as a Second Language (ESL), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), counseling, and behavior modification. All reports and assessments must be submitted before ASIJ can provide an admissions decision. These reports include, but are not limited to, educational-psychological study and testing; speech and language assessment, diagnosis, and progress; Individual Educational Plans (IEPs), etc. In particular, reports or recommendations describing any accommodations (changes in curriculum or instruction that do not substantially change the requirements of the class or course) required by your child must be submitted. Please note that reports for services your child has received at any grade level should be submitted. An exit report and follow up recommendations should be submitted if it has been determined that your child no longer needs therapy or support. ASIJ may require that assessments or evaluations be completed and the results submitted prior to making an admissions decision, and ASIJ reserves the right to revoke an offer of admission if it is found that any relevant reports have been withheld. Please contact us to discuss the learning environment and services that would best meet your child's needs.


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