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Our Parents

Opportunities for parent involvement abound at ASIJ, and parents are highly encouraged to participate in a variety of school-related activities. These activities allow parents to take an active role in their child's educational experience while providing support to the child and the entire ASIJ community. Parents are welcome to ride the bus to school and are encouraged to volunteer and take part in activities at school. Whether it is being a mystery reader, chaperoning a school trip, helping out in the library, attending the elementary school's Halloween Parade or watching the Senior Walk, parents play an active role in the day-to-day life of the school. Parents are also often encouraged to share their professions, expertise and hobbies with a classroom or grade level.

Parents also play an important function in the governance of the school and some are invited to serve on our Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and various committees that work on behalf of the school.

Parent Groups

There are two parent-teacher associations that collaborate to promote active cooperation and understanding between the school administration, the faculty, the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees and the parent community. The PTAs of the Early Learning Center and the Chofu campus work together to raise funds to support specific projects benefitting ASIJ, its students and staff, and to build community spirit. All parents of students at ASIJ are part of the general membership of the PTAs. The fundraising and community building events held throughout the year are supported not only by the members of the PTA Boards, but by the general membership. Annual events include Spirit Day in October, Winterfest in December and the Spring Gala in March and while each has a different atmosphere and purpose, the overall goal is to build community and support the school.

Both PTAs are also active in community support and service. Funds raised at such events support the operating costs of the PTAs, specific projects at the school and a grant program to enhance the learning environment. In this manner, the parent community, through the PTA, supports a wide range of activities in all divisions that range from the sweet potato dig at the ELC to literature enrichment programs and visiting  authors.

Similarly the PTA sub-committees Friends of the Fine Arts and the Booster Club support and fund enhancements in the fine arts and athletic programs. (More information on these groups can be found under the Co-Curriculars section.) The PTA Presidents sit on the Board of Directors and the Vice Presidents sit on the Board of Trustees to provide a further link between the parent community and the school.

Parent Groups in elementary, middle and high school provide a forum for better communication between parents and administrators and as a way for parents to provide support to the faculty and administration in providing a quality learning program for ASIJ children. These regular meetings are open to all parents and provide a positive environment for the sharing of ideas, suggestions, attitudes and feelings about the school and its programs. In addition, the Parent Groups invite members of the staff and faculty, as requested by the council, to speak on topics of interest to the parents. Topics presented and discussed in past meetings include global nomads, homework strategies and developing your child's self-esteem. The Japanese-Speaking Parent Group also holds regulars sessions in Japanese that address topics relevant to Japanese and bilingual/bicultural families.


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