Carole Nickle

Middle School Associate Principal

About Carole

Carole Nickle joined the ASIJ community in 2015. Originally from Canada, Carole has lived and worked abroad for the past 15 years, including teaching in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Turkey, and working as a middle school administrator in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. A passionate life-long learner, Carole holds a BA in English Literature and Sociology, a BEd in Secondary Education, an MA in International Educational Leadership and is currently pursuing her doctorate. When not reading educational research, Carole enjoys traveling, photography and attending Shakespearean theatre.

We asked her a few Questions...

How have your degrees in education informed your work as an associate principal?

My academic studies strongly influence my philosophical approach to educational leadership. Some of my recent studies have directly related to my work at ASIJ, including a review of the most effective leadership styles within international school settings, and a paper on competency-based education. I enjoy getting to be a 'student' again, and the pressure to constantly be reading, writing and learning more!

How would you compare your experience as a school administrator in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and now Japan?

The schools and countries where I have worked as a leader are vastly different! When I first came to Japan, I was amazed at how academically focused and polite the students were. The cafeteria and hallways were much quieter and calmer than in my other schools. There is also a respect for traditions and the idea of continuous small improvements.

What piece of literature should every middle school student read?

Every middle school student should read something they will love and that can look very different for each person: historical fiction, graphic novels, science research, or science fiction! I think if our middle school students move on to high school with a love of reading, no matter the genre, we'll have set them up for success. Our library staff and humanities teachers do a great job of guiding students to find books they love.