Christy Carrillo

Early Learning Center Director

About Christy

Christy Carrillo joined ASIJ as the director of the Early Learning Center in 2017. Prior to that, she was the director of the Early Childhood Center at Shekou International School and director of the International School of Beihai in China. Christy attended Princeton University as an undergraduate and earned an MEd from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the National University of Singapore. Christy is joined in Tokyo by her husband Tim Littlefield and their two daughters who attend ASIJ.

We asked her a few Questions...

What attracted you to the field of early childhood education?

I've taught all ages, but the love early years because of the joy young children take in every moment. These moments in their early years establish their foundations for life. They see the world through a lens of wonder and excitement. It is contagious and makes every day happy. It also reminds me of the incredible responsibility we have as educators to nurture that joy and wonder throughout their experiences in school.  

What kind of learning environment do you hope to cultivate at the ELC?

I strive to cultivate an environment that is full of warmth, love, and invitation.  It should feel like home, with a big family.  For students, teachers, and parents, I hope the ELC offers a strong sense of belonging and a sense of unlimited possibilities.

As a frequent explorer of the outdoors, what’s your favorite outdoor destination in Japan?

As a family, we have been to Shikoku to enjoy its beautiful beaches and white water rafting and we are also learning to ski.