Genta Branstetter

Elementary School Associate Principal

About Genta

Genta Branstetter has been an international school educator for over 20 years. Genta is originally from California but has lived and taught in China, New Zealand, India, Tunisia, Yemen, and the United States. Genta holds an MA in Educational Administration/Leadership, an MS in Elementary Education, a BS in Elementary Education and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Outside of school, Genta can be found running, traveling with her husband or relaxing with chocolate Labrador retriever, Kona. 

We asked her a few Questions...

What sets apart elementary school from the other divisions of a K-12 program?

The energy! Elementary students find learning exciting and joyous. There is nothing better than visiting ES classrooms where positive energy and enthusiasm overflows, it's contagious!

As a former math coach and coordinator, what first drew you to teaching mathematics?

I love Mathematics; its patterns, structure and how it connects to our everyday lives. I wanted to (and still want to) help students and teachers find this same passion for this beautiful subject.

Having worked across the globe, what’s one bucket list destination you have yet to visit? 

I would love to go hiking in Patagonia and then relax in Mendoza.