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School Services

A wide variety of support services operate every day at ASIJ to help create a secure, safe and well-maintained environment for students, parents and faculty. Services range from campus security to food service and medical care.

Health Center

ASIJ has a staff of three registered nurses in the Health Center on the Chofu campus and an athletic trainer in the high school athletic department, ready to help your child in the event of an injury or illness.  The Health Center is located centrally on the Chofu campus, and serves students from kindergarten through grade 12. There are six beds in the Health Center that sick students can use and two bilingual registered nurses on duty during school hours.

Depending on the seriousness of the injury or illness, we will care for your child here in the Health Center, ask you to come and pick your child up, or accompany your child to the hospital and meet you there. With regularly updated First Aid, CPR and AED training, we are prepared to meet the needs for students and staff in the event of a disaster.  In addition to caring for sick and injured students, we are also happy to consult with you regarding your family’s health care needs in Tokyo.  There is excellent medical care available in Tokyo, and we can help you access it. If your child has special medical needs, feel free to contact us at for further information.


Our Roppongi ELC campus and the main Chofu campus both have perimeter fencing, and security guards at the gates. Faculty, parents and high school students are issued photo IDs and guests are required to sign-in after guards confirm their visit with their ASIJ host. ASIJ maintains strong communicative relationships with the local police force and the US Embassy regarding security issues in general.

Food Services

ASIJ serves a wide variety food and beverages through the cafeteria, kiosk and via various vending machines in the middle and high school areas. Food tickets are sold at two vending machines outside the cafeteria, at the kiosk and via the elementary school office for lunch. Cash is also accepted at the kiosk. Although most students at Chofu purchase lunch tickets for the week or on a day-to-day basis, some parents prefer to pay for the entire year in advance, as some organizations subsidize the cost.

Parents are welcome to eat in the cafeteria during lunch service times and use the kiosk at any time during the school day. Concessions are also available at major on-campus athletic and fine arts events and at our Homecoming event "Spirit Day" and holiday festival "Winterfest."


Elementary School lunch - A hot, set lunch is served every day that includes a protein entrée, soup and choice of fruit, vegetable and beverage (fruit juices, full or low-fat milk, green or oolong tea, water). Each set lunch contains between 525-700 calories. Onigiri (rice balls), bagels and fruit are also sold to supplement the set lunch, and for the convenience of students bringing their own lunch. Approximately half the elementary students eat school lunch and half bring lunch from home. The cafeteria also has microwave ovens ready to warm lunches brought from home.
» Sample elementary lunch menu

Middle School and High School lunch - More than 15 entrees are available each day, including a daily special, and may be purchased individually or as a complete meal. A self-serve salad/fruit bar is also available most days.
» Sample cafeteria menu

The Kiosk

The kiosk supplements cafeteria choices with ready-made salads, sandwiches, soup of the day, fruit, snack/bakery items and beverages including specialty coffee drinks (available to adults and older students). Parents are always welcome.

Food Allergies

If your child has food allergies, please consult with one of the school nurses in the Health Center. The school requests that our buses, the kiosk and items for Chofu campus bake sales, birthday treats, and activities, etc. be peanut/nut free, but there is no guarantee that students will not be accidentally exposed to an allergen.


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