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Strength and Courage Award

ASIJ is pleased to announce the creation of a scholarship award recognizing the strength and courage of the survivors of Jack Moyer’s abuse. The award will be given to recognize an ASIJ student who has displayed extraordinary courage and personal strength. The award is one million yen towards the future higher education of the recipient to be given annually in March, beginning in 2016.

The Strength and Courage Award is a tribute to the survivors who have exhibited exceptional strength and courage in bringing the truth to light, promoting healing and reconciliation, and creating a safer and brighter future for current and future students of ASIJ. The initial contribution for this scholarship was generously donated by Janet Simmons, a survivor who has been instrumental in these efforts.
Janet’s contribution and all donations made to the Award will be matched by ASIJ as part of its commitment to honor the survivors for their courage.

Deserving students will be nominated by faculty, counselors, and administration each January and the final selection will be made by the Child Protection Task Force in March. Further information regarding the selection process will be communicated at a later date.

Details regarding how to donate to the Award are available here. Questions regarding the terms and details of the funding and matching may be directed to the Board of Directors.

As we look to the future and learn from the experiences of the past, ASIJ is committed to building a safer and stronger school community. We appreciate your support.

ASIJ Board of Directors


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