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ASIJ Leadership Scholarship Fund

Since 2002, the ASIJ community has generously donated approximately ¥1.5 billion to enhance ASIJ’s educational experience. Alumni, parents and friends consistently play a major role in contributing to ASIJ. Past, current and future students have and continue to benefit each day from those who have made gifts to the school in the past.

The goal of the ASIJ Leadership Scholarship is to help lower the cost barrier for otherwise qualified students wishing to have an ASIJ education. The Leadership Scholarship program is distinct from the existing annual ASIJ Scholarship Program in that the ASIJ Leadership Scholarship is for the purpose of attracting new, qualified students to the school, while the existing Scholarship Program is for current students requiring short-term financial aid. 

Contributions will fund scholarships to attract new, qualified students of all nationalities who may not be able to otherwise afford an ASIJ education.

The ASIJ Leadership Scholarship program will help ASIJ to continue attracting talented future leaders to the school.

All donations to the ASIJ Leadership Scholarship Fund are tax deductible in Japan.


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