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Update from the Board of Directors on the Ropes & Gray Report:
September  3, 2015  Announcement of the Strength & Courage Scholarship Award
July 27, 2015 Update from the Board of Directors
(Japanese translation of Ropes & Gray Report)
June 15, 2015 Update from the Board of Directors
June 5, 2015 Update from the Board of Directors



Alumni Updates 

ASIJ's Japan Center co-directors, Mariko Yokosuka and Kyoko Takano recently worked with Peter Grilli '59 to bring the award winning documentary, Paper Lanterns to ASIJ.

Paper Lanterns tells the little-known story of 12 American POWs who lost their lives to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945. It is also the story of Shigeaki Mori, a Hiroshima historian and hibakusha (atomic bomb survivor), who was 8 years old at the time of the destruction of Hiroshima and who has devoted decades of his life to preserving the legacy of those lost Americans, creating monuments to their memory.

As the producer for Paper Lanerns, Peter worked closely with the Japan Center to bring an inital screening of Paper Lanterns to the ASIJ Community, followed by in-class viewings. Peter then visited ASIJ along with director Barry Frechette and music composer Chad Cannon to offer students an opportunity to present a short summary on how they used the documentary in the context of their coursework and ask questions on into the film’s themes, their views on the bombings and the film-making process. (read more) (Paper Lanterns)

(Photo from 247Sports)

Brett Neilon '16, USC Football center, has earned his US Army All-American jersey. Brett is currently rated as the #2 center in the country and the #21 recruit in the state of California. (read more)

Marianne Wilson Kuroda '68 was featured in a Japan Times article covering her decades-long investigation into her own identity. A casualty of 1940s US anti-Asian immigration policy, Marianne grew up in Japan without knowing that she was American, despite her light skin and red hair. The article details how she came to grow up in Japan, her struggles and the six decades it took to reclaim her father and US identity.  (read more)

Linda Purl '73 recently released a new vocal jazz album titled Up Jumped Spring, "a celebration of life’s unexpected twists and turns." Accompanied by Nelson Rangell on saxophone, Tedd Firth on piano, and others, Linda reinvents classics from the American Songbook. (read more)

Elicia Cousins '09 wrote an article for Toxic News. The article is an account of her time volunteering in Fukushima for student retreats called hoyo, retreats that "seek to allow children and families to spend time away from the contaminated areas where they still live." (read more)

Dr. Michael Adams '82, was recognized as one of four distinguished alumni for 2016 from Austin College in Sherman, Texas. Michael was invited to attend his 30th reunion on October 14 and 15 to receive the award and take part in celebrations and events. He was joined for the event by his parents, Jim and Nancy Adams (FF '78-'82, AP '74-'82) and his sister, Deanna Smith '77, as well as his wife, son and other family members.

In Memoriam

We are sad to say our goodbyes to the following community members:

Robert Lady (FF, AP '66-'70) passed away on October 6. His wife, Sherry Lady (FF '66-'69, AP '66-'70), writes, "Being in Japan and part of the ASIJ staff was the highlight of our life experiences and has influenced everything we did after we returned to the states ... ASIJ and Japan remained first in our hearts in many ways." (read more)

Myong Soo Kim Kellar '65, passed away on November 22 as a result of brain and lung cancer. She recently reconnected with a number of her former ASIJ classmates at the 60s decade cluster reunion in Tokyo. Her mother writes that her husband, Bob, was with her when she passed and that she went peacefully.

Dorothy Adamson (FF '88-'94) passed away on May 28, at 88, of pulmonary problems. Key moments in her life and her adventures were chronicled in a November 6 Hartford Courant article titled Couple Shared Zest For Life, And Travel. (read more)

Please see the Alumni News Archive for previously listed obituaries.


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