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If you are currently enrolled at ASIJ, a full faculty and staff directory and quick contacts are available on
The Gate.


Activites and Athletics

Portrait of Brian Kelley
Timothy Jacobsson
Director of Activities and Athletics
ext 271
Portrait of Beau Williams
Beau Williams
Assistant Director of Activities and Athletics
ext 272


Chofu (K-12)
Portrait of Angie McCullough
Angie McCullough
Director of Admissions
ELC (Nursery-Kinder)
Portrait of Christy Carrillo
Christy Carrillo
ELC Director


Portrait of Clive Watkins
Clive Watkins
Director of Institutional Advancement
ext 709
Portrait of Mary Margaret Mallat
Claire Lonergan
Director of Giving
ext 703

Alumni Relations

Miranda Liu
Alumni Coordinator
ext 710


Portrait of Bhupesh Upadhyay
Bhupesh Upadhyay
ext 703
Portrait of Matt Wilce
Matt Wilce
Director of Communications
ext 706
Portrait of Jarrad Jinks
Jarrad Jinks
Assistant Director of Communications
ext 704

Head of School

Portrait of Jim Hardin
Jim Hardin
Head of School
ext 201

Japan Center

Portrait of Mariko Yokosuka and Kyoko Takano
Mariko Yokosuka
ext 735
Kyoko Takano
ext 735

Learning Office

Portrait of Scott Wilcox
Scott Wilcox
Deputy Head of School for Learning
ext 202
Portrait of Ginny Prairie
Ginny Prairie
Director for Professional Learning & MS/HS Curriculum Coordinator
ext 203

Media Enquiries


Portrait of Monica Clear, Safeguarding Coordinator
Monica Clear
Safeguarding Coordinator
ext 277

Strategic Partnerships

Portrait of Roysuke Suzuki
Ryosuke Suzuki
Director of Strategic Partnerships
ext 203

Summer Day Camp

Summer Passport


Portrait of Warren Apel
Warren Apel
Director of Technology
ext 701

Transcript Request


Portrait of Greg Krauth
Greg Krauth
Director of Transportation
ext 622
Portrait of Toshi Tajima
Toshi Tajima
Transportation Manager
ext 350

Working at ASIJ