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Elementary School Students Peer into Honey Bee Containment

A Gift to ASIJ

From writing with chalk on slate to bioengineering using CRSPR technology, student’s learning has changed dramatically over the last 120 years at The American School in Japan.

Our vision for ASIJ, the product of two years of development, is detailed in our publication, The Future is Here. There we outline our educational beliefs and our mission-driven approach to learning. Our aspirations for our students’ future are great, and we’re actively planning and designing strategy to make ASIJ one of the leading international schools in the world.

To deliver on our ambitious vision, ASIJ will need the support of our community. Each area of our Strategic Design Framework (SDF) will require resources if we are to successfully develop the programs and build the facilities our students and faculty will need to be successful. Within the SDF we have identified four fundamental conditions that are essential for ASIJ to realize our vision. These are a world-class faculty, world-class facilities, transformational experiences and the ability to leverage our location in Japan.

Help Us Go Further

Today, ASIJ is at a pivotal moment in its long history. We are at a point in time when the school has an opportunity to move forward in new and exciting directions that will provide our students with transformative learning experiences.

Tuition alone will not allow us to get to our destination in the time frame that we want. To move forward, ASIJ needs the philanthropic support of our entire community. To give to ASIJ is to invest in those who will shape our future.

World-Class Faculty

Outstanding teachers are critical to the success of our students and ASIJ as a whole. To deliver on our strategic vision we need to recruit and retain a world-class faculty. Unrestricted gifts to the ASIJ Annual Fund help us provide teachers with a wide variety of professional learning opportunities that ensure we are able to move forward with the initiatives outlined in the vision. The professional learning our teachers engaged in last year had a direct impact in the classroom and our students’ own learning.

Teacher and Student Study on an iPad

World-Class Facilities

World-class facilities can inspire, expand and accelerate the realization of our strategic vision. ASIJ is the only international school in Kanto with the space to deliver a fully-rounded, experiential academic and co-curricular program, but many of the core facilities on our Chofu campus were designed and built in the 1960s. It is time for us to look forward to our future needs and create a learning environment that support sour aspirations for students. As our Board of Directors and school leadership work on developing those plans, we have an ongoing need to maintain and update our current facilities which require the active support of our community. Developing world-class facilities will provide the setting for exceptional learning. The ASIJ Annual Fund helps us provide the environment and tools students and faculty require, enriching the learning experience at all levels. With your support we’ll have the facilities to inspire deeper, more engaged learning and exploration.

Middle School Students Perform Madagascar on Stage

Transformational Experiences

Whether it is working on a high-level bioengineering project in the lab, designing a tournament-winning robot, conducting meaningful service work with a local NPO or delivering a TEDx talk to a full auditorium, ASIJ offers students a wide variety of rich experiences. Our program is designed to help students discover their passion, pursue personalized learning and become inquisitive learners and independent thinkers who are inspired to be their best selves, empowered to make a difference. Our alumni tell us that their time here was a pivotal moment, which has a life-long impact. Donations to the ASIJ Annual Fund allow us to continue to support and develop unique opportunities on and off campus that enrich learning for all students.

Two High School Students Read Chemical Samples


From traversing the rock pools and clear, blue ocean of Izu and the forests of Nagano to exploring Himeji Castle or visiting a local soba shop, our students have myriad opportunities to explore Japan and its rich culture and history. Students also have an impact in their host country through activities such as teaching English to students in Tohoku, supporting local teenagers as they leave the foster system, or making and sharing food with those less fortunate in Ueno Park. We know from our alumni that such experiences have an impact which stays with them long after they leave ASIJ. Creating authentic and meaningful connections in our wider community takes resources, and the ASIJ Annual Fund supports the work of our Japan Center, helps cover the cost of many activities and trips for our students, and allows teachers and students to explore the riches and diversity of Japan.

Two Middle School Students Kayak in Izu

The Bigger Picture

Our publications below offer additional insights on the impacts of your gifts.

The Leadership.

Clive Watkins, Director of Institutional Advancement

Clive Watkins

Director of Institutional Advancement

Our Donors.

A Caldwell Family Portrait

“We support ASIJ because we greatly appreciate the terrific education it has provided our children so far, and because there are still many things that the school can and should achieve as it moves to implement its newly developed strategic vision.”

— Dale and Meg Caldwell,
Current Parents, 1902 Society Donors