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Know, Value, Care

ASIJ’s commitment to “Know, Value, Care” starts with the student-teacher relationship. We should know what interests, motivates and inspires them — academically and emotionally.

In being known, each child will feel recognized and valued. A caring environment provides safe spaces for taking on challenges, making mistakes, and growing. Teachers who join ASIJ’s faculty will also be known, valued, and cared for in a professional culture that asks them to contribute their best work and be part of something larger than themselves.

ASIJ is an equal opportunity employer. We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture and we encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, citizenship and disability.

Our Faculty

ASIJ’s faculty members demonstrate a strong commitment to our program and as a result, turnover is low and the average tenure is approximately nine years.

Teachers work hard, set high standards for their students and themselves, and they expect and see the same qualities in their colleagues.

We believe that purposeful work builds purposeful students and purposeful teachers. School is more than a series of artificial or isolated experiences, but should instead be a rich and meaningful component of our lives and community. We want our teachers to learn alongside their students, to engage with genuine questions and puzzles, and to work to tackle meaningful challenges, design original solutions, and model compassion and a sense of duty to others.

Teacher Qualifications

To be eligible for placement on the regular salary scale, teachers must hold a college degree, preferably in the field they will teach. Successful candidates usually have at least five years of teaching experience. Willingness and ability to supervise co-curricular activities are important attributes for teachers. Please be aware of this required assignment since it usually involves a substantial commitment of time after school and on weekends. The retirement age for full-time faculty is 65.


The American School in Japan is committed to ensuring that all students are safeguarded and protected from all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Upon employment, all faculty and staff members are required to sign a student protection agreement, and undergo a background check.

Learn More on Safeguarding

Our home in Japan

ASIJ is located in one of Asia’s most modern and cosmopolitan capital cities. Served by two international airports, Tokyo is a global hub, a financial center and the gateway to Japan. From sub-tropical islands in the south, to the snowy northern island of Hokkaido, Japan offers residents everything from world-class diving to Olympic standard winter sports facilities. With a rich, unique cultural tradition and a technologically driven society, Japan offers a vibrant contrast between the old and new.

Tokyo is one of the world’s safest major cities and offers a high standard of living and excellent quality of life for expatriates, due to its world-class infrastructure, low health risks, low air pollution and low crime rates. A thriving and diverse cultural landscape encompases major museums and galleries, a vibrant local music scene, traditional festivals and activities, performances by internationally renowned musicians and major theme parks all of which make life in Tokyo a rich and entertaining experience. Japan also offers sports fans the opportunity to attend many major athletic events and the country has played host to the FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup and both the summer and winter Olympics.

Candidates should note, however, that most foreign-hire teachers live near the main campus in Chofu, a suburban environment one hour west of central Tokyo by train.

Families often opt to live close to the school campus, while others may  choose to live a little further away in the nearby neighborhood of Kichijoji, which offers a wide range of entertainment activities, shopping and restaurants. Teachers at our Early Learning Center in Roppongi typically live in neighborhoods in central Tokyo closer to their campus.

Next to the Chofu campus is gorgeous Nogawa Park offering 200 acres of walking and bike paths, tennis courts, playgrounds and wide open spaces. Close by is the Tama River recreation area, with a bike path extending 40 km from Haneda Airport to the foothills surrounding the city. 

The weather in Tokyo is hot, and humid summers bookended by rainy and typhoon seasons, mild autumn and winter months, and a beautiful spring overflowing with cherry blossoms. 

The Bigger Picture

Our publications below offer additional insights into who we are, what we do and what we accomplish.