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Know, Value, Care

ASIJ’s Commitment to “Know, Value, Care” emerged from surveys and interviews with hundreds of students, alumni, and parents who explained that their most indelible memories of ASIJ concerned a patient, caring teacher or coach who took time to know them as individuals; value what was unique or different about them; and care about their wellbeing and success.

A mitsudomoe appears at the center of ASIJ’s crest with the words Know, Value, Care. Our Commitment is a clarion call for empathy, respect, and a reminder of our duty to others. It flows naturally into our Mission, which involves helping all students thrive and become accountable leaders and positive difference-makers in an increasingly complex, diverse, and rapidly changing world. When a student or teacher feels known, valued, and cared for in a safe community that orients learning in this way, we believe they will be inspired to be “their best selves, empowered to make a difference.”

ASIJ Know, Value, Care crest

Our Faculty

ASIJ doesn’t expect teachers to be perfect. Rather, we recruit experienced, child-centered educators who possess values, dispositions, and skills that align closely to our strategic vision for ASIJ’s future and are always eager to learn and grow as professionals. 

ASIJ invites serious candidates to explore three documents to understand what ASIJ is looking for and whether we offer the right fit: (1) our Strategic Design Framework (SDF) is a one-page strategic plan with four interdependent dimensions that illustrate our vision for the future and how we plan to get there; (2) our Portrait of a Learner is central to our SDF and to implementation of Deep Learning; and (3) our Professional Standards for Growth & Excellence are nuanced, strategic, and contextualized to ASIJ and purpose-built to support our SDF.

A Teacher with a Giraffe Puppet Tells Elementary School Students a Story

Teacher Qualifications

All candidates for full-time faculty positions must have received a BA or BS from an accredited university or college. Graduate degrees are preferred. Applicants must have an active teaching license from a state, province, or governmental authority and certification that covers the specific teaching assignment for which they are applying, both in subject matter or specialized role and grade level. Candidates need to have at least 5 years of full-time classroom experience, including two years in an assignment similar to the one for which they are applying. ASIJ gives priority to candidates who have training and experience with specific curriculum or programs. These priorities are detailed in the job descriptions posted for each role.

Student Artwork by Koko

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

ASIJ believes in the inherent value and dignity of each individual and is committed to knowing, valuing, and caring for each member of our community.

We believe that each individual deserves to experience a full sense of belonging where they are seen, heard, honored, valued, and supported as their authentic selves. When each person can experience safety and share their identities, perspectives, and experiences, the whole community benefits as we form human connections, better understand our diverse and complex world, and unlock our collective creativity. To that end, ASIJ is committed to being a community that actively advances diversity, equity, and inclusion and challenges oppression, racism, and exclusion. This commitment demands intentional institutional reflection and a willingness to change. It requires eliminating barriers to full participation and building systems and culture that support diverse individuals and groups.

In order to advance this commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and ensure our actions align with our words, ASIJ is seeking candidates to join our faculty who will bring diverse perspectives and experiences. Factors that contribute to diversity include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, social or economic status, age, (dis)ability status, linguistic background, religion, or country of origin, as well as the complex intersection of these factors.

Two Elementary School Girls Share a Book

Beyond the Classroom

Co-curricular programs are an integral part of the ASIJ student experience, providing opportunities where many students find their element. We believe great coaches and sponsors have an indelible impact on young people, allowing them to develop their passions; learn resilience, responsibility, teamwork; and perform or compete with confidence.

All teachers are expected to actively lead as coaches, club sponsors, or supervisors within our school’s extensive co-curricular program. Therefore, ASIJ gives priority to candidates who have deep experience and training in specific co-curricular needs.

A Football Coach Talks to Geared-Up Players at Practice


ASIJ is committed to upholding a safe and secure school environment for all members of the community, as outlined in our Safeguarding policies and procedures. 

Our policies provide for robust prevention and response protocols around safe hiring; annual employee training on issues of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children; and holding members of our community accountable for violations. Prior to employment, all faculty and staff are required to sign a behavioral agreement of safe practices with children and to undergo a background check. 

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Two Elementary School Girls Share a Book

The Bigger Picture

Our publications below offer additional insights on the impacts of your gifts.