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An education shouldn't be one-size-fits-all.

I believe teachers need to see every child's glass as half full and that requires knowing each student as an individual and being tenacious in trying to discover and understand their unique potential.

—Dr Jim Hardin
Head of School

Know. Value. Care.

The senior walk is an emotional day on campus—a time when the deep connections made between students and their peers, bus monitors, coaches, teachers are clearly visible though tears of joy and sadness, hugs and high fives, shared memories and congratulations.

In those moments our commitment to know, value and care for each other is clearly visible.

We Know, value and care.

Know mORE
It takes Character, Courage and Compassion

Find Your Element

Each student’s intellectual and personal passions are important to us and so our program is designed to allow learners to try new things, take risks, be independent and build self-awareness.

With a robust academic foundation that encourages curiosity, opportunities to learn independently and over 170 co-curriculars, we launch our students on a lifelong path to discover themselves.

Our Students Find their Element.

Find Your Element

They found their element

Passions discovered at ASIJ can have a lifelong impact and our alumni lead diverse and successful lives in many fields. Read about their work below, or learn more about our outstanding alumni community.

Engage, Learn, Lead

Our middle schoolers are now the same age as Facebook but by the time they graduate from college, new media, new industries and new realities will shape our lives. We’re preparing our students for that unknown future by helping them develop the growth mindset, collaborative skills, social emotional learning and innovative thinking they’ll need to be successful.

Not every school is positioned to transform learning the way that ASIJ is and we’re excited to see how our students will change their world.

Our students Engage, lead and learn.

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Make a Difference

Whether its initiating a program to provide furniture to local teenagers exiting foster care, making rice-balls for the homeless or administering basic medical tests to villagers in Belize, our students make a positive difference to their local, national and international communities. We believe that purposeful work builds purposeful students who will leave ASIJ equipped and empowered to solve real world problems.

Local Impact

Making over 7,000 onigiri (rice-balls) is no small task but the student, faculty and parent volunteers who work on the elementary school’s rice project are dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate in Tokyo. Whether its working with Second Harvest to distribute food, teaching English to refugee children or starting a service project with a local NPO, students have a positive impact on their local community.

Work Together

For over 20 years the whole school has come together to support good causes through the annual fun run. Organized by middle school faculty and the student service leadership team, the run provides an opportunity to learn about global issues, be active and make a difference.

Diverse Perspectives

High schoolers expand the reach of their service work with trips overseas where they collaborate with partners such as Habitat for Humanity, Global Partnership for Sustainability, local orphanages and NPOs. Our students to grapple with real-world problems, contribute meaningfully to our global community, and learn from diverse perspectives.

Our students Make a Difference.


Our Mission

Over 2,000 parents, 280 faculty and staff, and our network of more than 7,500 alumni work together to foster a community of inquisitive learners and independent thinkers, inspired to be their best selves, empowered to make a difference.

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