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Corporate Contribution Program

A potentially cost effective alternative to paying school fees, tuition and the Japanese individual income taxes on these educational benefits.

Similar to independent schools in the United States, tuition at ASIJ does not cover the full cost of educating a student. Tuition and fees cover approximately 93% of the actual costs. The difference is made up through donations and other sources of additional revenue. Each year the school conducts an Annual Fund Campaign, during which ASIJ alumni, parents, faculty, friends, and corporations are asked to support the school. The Tokyo corporate community plays a dominant role in determining the success of this campaign.

An Alternative to Tuition: Corporate Scholarships

The Contribution Program is a special corporate scholarship program that is available for organizations that are responsible for covering expatriate employees' educational expenses. Instead of paying tuition and applicable fees, companies agree to make donations to the school. The donations are used partly to fund special corporate scholarships, which are awarded to dependents of participating companies. The donations are also the essential component of each year's Annual Fund Campaign.

Advantages to Both the Participating Corporations and ASIJ

Under an authorized agreement, which was established in 1978, with Japan's National Tax Administration Agency, scholarships funded under the Contribution Program are not taxable as personal income in Japan. Thus corporations avoid the grossing up tax impact on these educational benefits. The precise tax savings are contingent on salary level and other considerations.

A company's participation in the Contribution Program is one of the factors considered in ASIJ admissions decisions.

The third advantage is that by participating in the Contribution Program, corporations generate additional income for the school at no additional cost to the company. This supplemental income helps to ensure the continuing excellence of the ASIJ program and facilities.

Participating Corporations

The high quality of an ASIJ education can, in large part, be directly attributed to the special support the school has received through this Corporate Scholarship Program. If you are considering participating in the Program and would like a listing of the companies which currently support the school through this innovative program, please contact Reyna Tamura at

Learn More

Individuals interested in learning more about the Contribution Program should contact Reyna Tamura at or call 0422-34-5300 ext 707.

Please note that parents or their employers that are considering participation in the Contribution Program are required to pay all tuition and fees on schedule. If there is a subsequent decision to participate, tuition and applicable fees that have already been paid will be refunded.