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ASIJ Students in the Middle School Musical
Activities at ASIJ

Activities take Center Stage

Beyond the Classroom

At ASIJ, education extends beyond the classroom to over 170 co-curriculars school-wide. The scale and breadth of our program are unmatched—not just in Japan.

The program embodies our core values and allows students to discover who they are, explore their passions and grow as individuals. ASIJ is a school where the coder on one of our robotics teams is also a Varsity athlete. The kind of school where you can play on the football team and in the jazz ensemble. The kind of school where you can make a difference through meaningful, hands-on service opportunities.

The kind of school where prowess on the field, in the dojo and on the stage go hand in hand with academic success. We’re the kind of school that recognizes you can learn from defeat, from winning and from being part of a team. The kind of school where you aren’t locked in a predefined track, but rather can explore new interests when that spark occurs.


During the school year, high school teams compete in 12 sports against other schools in 250 matches through our participation in the Kanto Plain League and various tournaments with other international and Japanese schools. We aim to involve as many students as we can on Varsity, JV and JV B teams wherever possible. Students participate as athletes, team managers, game/event support personnel and student athletic trainers. In middle school we offer 20 sports—some at a competitive level and others just for fun. In elementary school activities range from swim team and kendo to soccer and tennis. At the ELC, after-school activities include shinkyokushin karate and gymnastics.

ASIJ Elementary School Students Play Rugby


Elementary School Teams
Elementary Students Practice Karate


High School Teams
ASIJ High School Girls Basketball Game in High School Gym


Kanto Plain Championships in 2019
ASIJ High School Students Perform in School Play


Elementary Arts Programs
ASIJ Elementary Strings Student Plays Cello


From hula dancing at the ELC and ballet in the elementary school to traditional Japanese theater in middle and high school, there is no shortage of opportunities for students to shine in the arts. Each division at Chofu stages a musical every year with additional opportunities to act, write, direct, edit and pursue stage crafts in the high school’s fall play and one act plays, the middle school movie, ASIJ TV and movie production club in high school. Qualifying students also have opportunities to join the Kanto Plain honor band, choir or orchestra, and AMIS music program.


Arts Activities
ASIJ High School Clarinet Players


Students involved in Musicals


Groups such as Model UN, Amnesty International and 25 service projects offer students challenging ways to learn and contribute to society, engage in and support social justice and respond to environmental issues. Through activities such as rice project in the elementary school, middle schoolers teaching English to Japanese students in Tohoku or a Habitat for Humanity trip, students learn to understand and respect diverse perspectives, and are empowered to make a difference to their world.

Elementary School Students Prepare Rice Balls for Donation


Service Group Members
ASIJ Students Teach English to Students in Fukushima


Service Projects
ASIJ High School Students Build a House for the Needy in South East Asia


Riceballs made in Elementary School
Elementary School Student Plays with a Collection of Building Materials


VEX Robotics Teams
High School Student Participates in VEX Robotics Tournament


Whether it’s organizing a Space Conference with speakers from NASA and JAXA, competing in a VEX Robotics tournament or getting started with cardboard engineering, opportunities to explore STEM abound at ASIJ. Our younger students begin with simple coding and hands-on activities and progress to middle school where they start programming apps and building robots. Our annual VEX Tournament provides middle and high school teams the chance to compete against their peers while the Computer Science Club allows students to develop higher level skills. In high school, iGEM provides a challenging program that synthesizes multiple skills and see students collaborate to solve a problem using bioengineering.


STEM Activities
ASIJ High School Space Club Pose with Conference Presenters


Kanto Plain Championships in 2019