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Safeguarding Professional Speaks with Two ASIJ Leadership Members
Safeguarding at ASIJ

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A Safe Place

All students at ASIJ are entitled to an environment that is safe and secure.

At ASIJ we place a priority on safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of our students. We remain the only international school in Japan with a full-time Safeguarding Coordinator on staff, and are proud to be the first institution in the world to receive Level 2 certification from Keeping Children Safe, a global non-profit that helps organizations build capacity and achieve gold star standards in child protection policies and practices.

All students at ASIJ are entitled to an environment that is safe and secure. We expect all employees, parents, volunteers and contracted service providers to maintain an attitude of vigilance for possible signs of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation of students.

We have a Code of Conduct for faculty and staff, a Safeguarding Policy and a Safeguarding Handbook that outlines procedures and reporting practices. These follow the recommendations and requirements of our accrediting agencies, which include WASC, CIS and Keeping Children Safe. Safeguarding training for community members occurs on an annual basis and background checks are conducted on all employees.

Monica Clear
Safeguarding Coordinator

Safeguarding Policy

The ASIJ Board of Directors believes that every child has a right to feel safe and protected from harm, regardless of ability, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexuality, and culture. We recognize that ASIJ is in a unique position of primary responsibility for the safety, care, and welfare of students in its charge. To fulfill the duty to care, ASIJ commits to embedding safeguarding policies, procedures, and guidelines into the overall operations of the school. The Board of Directors will delegate the task of embedding safeguarding policies, procedures, and guidelines to the administration of ASIJ, with regular reporting on safeguarding issues to the Board of Directors.

Updates from the Board of Directors on Child Safeguarding

June 24, 2017 - Child Safeguarding Update
September  3, 2015 - Announcement of the Strength & Courage Scholarship Award
June 15, 2015 - Update from the Board of Directors: Ropes & Gray Report
June 5, 2015 - Update from the Board of Directors


Ropes & Gray調査報告書
2015年6月15日 理事会からのアップデート
2015年6月5日 元職員​による不祥事に対するお詫び

Portrait of Monica Clear, Safeguarding Coordinator

Monica Clear

Safeguarding Coordinator

Monica Clear joined ASIJ in 2017. She has a BSN from Rutgers and a masters in health and human services administration from Brandeis University. A full profile of Monica and her work appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of The Ambassador magazine.

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