Our Buses

We're worth the ride

A Mobile Community

It’s the last day of school and as each of the thirty one buses slowly navigates the driveway there are cheers, applause, tears and laughter. Whether its your last day at ASIJ or just the start of your summer break, it’s an emotional event for everyone and one that highlights the important place our buses play in our students’ lives.

Each bus is its own mobile community, each of the 276 bus stops the starting place of friendships—for students and adults alike. Every day almost 1,300 riders board a bus to come to school, cared for by their well-trained bus monitors who make sure they are safe. Each rider taps on and off the bus with their ID so their parents can track them through the BusCatch app on their phone. Safety is paramount but should anything go wrong along the way, our 170 bus monitors are prepared and each certified in CPR and basic First Aid. All buses are also equipped with GPS tracking systems, two-way radios, iPhones, and first aid and emergency supplies.

At the end of the day, our younger students can take a bus home when school ends. Those in after-school activities can stay and take one of the later afternoon buses that align with our co-curricular programs.

We❤️ the Bus

Convenient, Enjoyable, Reliable, Safe

ASIJ transportation is convenient, reliable, and safe. Over 1000 students in kindergarten through grade 12 enjoy their bus ride to and from school each day.

ASIJ's Bus Fleet

ASIJ's fleet includes 30 well-appointed buses. Students ride in climate-controlled comfort in upholstered seats, complete with seat belts. All buses are equipped with GPS tracking systems, two-way radios, iPhones, and first aid and emergency supplies.

Bus Stops

For the convenience of ASIJ families, buses serve neighborhoods throughout downtown Tokyo. Most bus stops are located within a few minutes' walk from families' homes.

Parents Riding the Buses

Parents of bus riders are welcome to ride the bus to and from ASIJ for school events, activities, and volunteering, etc. There is no charge for this service.

What Our Riders Say

“I like taking the bus because I can talk with my friends and read. Sometimes I talk to the bus driver when I get on the bus. I try to use the Japanese I learned in class to talk with him.”

—Jude Grade 4

“I get on the first stop and the bus driver always talks to me and is cheerful. He knows who everyone is and where they should get off so we don’t need to worry if we take a nap.”

—Misha Grade 4

“We have a lot of fifth graders on my bus so it’s great that we have time to hang out and play games together and talk. Also we have a book club in my class and the bus is a great environment to read in. I like that my bus stop is so convenient and it's only a minute from my house.”

⁠—Tamar Grade 5