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Our Buses

For the majority of our students the journey to ASIJ begins with a safe, convenient bus ride.

Their destination is impactful learning and everything that Japan’s largest international school campus offers. Each of our fleet of modern buses is its own mobile community—a place where life-long friendships are forged for students and parents, high schoolers care for younger students and leadership skills are learned.

You can learn more about our excellent safety record and other details of the program in the section about Our Buses, but here are three stories that get to the heart of why our bus is a special part of the ASIJ experience. We asked a parent, a young rider and a bus monitor to share their stories. They all agreed on one thing—we’re worth the ride.

As the parent of three boys, ASIJ’s bus service provides Erin with a convenient way to access great educational opportunities and after-school activities. Discover how the BusMinder App gives her peace of mind, allows her to know where her boys are and how the bus system makes her life in Tokyo easier.

How did you meet your best friend? Flynn met his best friend the first day he rode the bus to ASIJ. Find out how they enjoy their time on the bus and why Flynn can’t imagine getting to school any other way.

Hannah loves being a bus monitor and getting to know the younger bus riders. Learn how she trained for the position, the skills she’s acquired and why being a bus monitor is more than just a job.

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See what we’ve been up to.