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Board of Directors

The American School in Japan’s legal status is a Gakko Hojin. The School’s Act of Endowment identifies the authorities and responsibilities of Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and Statutory Auditors. The current Board of Directors, which includes the Head of School, is drawn from members of our community and is listed below.

Dale Caldwell.
Dale Caldwell
Jim Fink
Jim Fink
Jim Hardin, Head of School.
Jim Hardin
Head of School
Eijiro Imai.
Eijiro Imai
Statutory Auditor
Morgan Laughlin.
Morgan Laughlin
Portrait of Brian Kelley
Nancy Michels
Yumiko Murakami.
Yumiko Murakami
Kirk Neureiter.
Kirk Neureiter
Bob Noddin
Marcus Okuno
Lenore Reese
Philip Roskamp.
Philip Roskamp
Tom Silecchia.
Tom Silecchia
Carol Tsuchida
Statutory Auditor
Portrait of Beau Williams
Rusty Yuson