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Salary & Benefits

What you can expect if you join our team

ASIJ's compensation philosophy is based on the desire to attract, retain and engage the best people.

Understanding Employment

ASIJ’s employees fall into several categories that include foreign-hire and local-hire faculty, teaching assistants and other support positions in our divisions, administrative and professional staff, and school leadership. Compensation packages for each of these groups are different and details for non-faculty positions will be provided during the application process.

Local-Hire Faculty
Locally hired faculty are those who already reside in Japan and came here independently and are subsequently hired by the school. Their decision for coming to Japan may be to accompany a spouse or partner who will be working in Tokyo, or any other circumstances that would cause them to be here prior to applying for a job at ASIJ.

Foreign-hired Faculty
Foreign-hire teachers are those who are recruited from overseas by ASIJ for the sole purpose of working at the School.

The following outline is based on the compensation package for a foreign hire faculty member. Please note that while the base salary is the same for local hire faculty, some benefits differ.

Initial contracts for foreign-hire faculty are for three years. After the initial contract, it is possible for a teacher to terminate employment at the end of any school year without prejudice, provided that proper notice is given.

Starting Salary
The starting base salary for new teachers is competitive among international schools. We have 16 steps on our three-band salary scale. All compensation is paid in Japanese yen, but any amount can be converted into US dollars or many other currencies with little difficulty.

An annual Housing Allowance is paid depending on family size and marital status. A one-time Relocation Allowance of ¥500,000 is paid upon arrival. Both allowances are on a one-per-family basis.

Transportation & Baggage
Initial travel is provided for a foreign-hire teacher and accompanying dependents from their home-of-record to Tokyo. Beginning in the second year, for each year of employment a travel allowance between Tokyo and the home-of record is provided to foreign-hire teachers, their spouses and up to two children who reside with them in Japan.

Shipment of household goods by land and sea (not air) is provided for foreign-hire teachers at the beginning of employment in the amount of 1,000 pounds per full-time teacher, 750 pounds for a non-teaching spouse and 250 pounds for up to two children who will reside with the teacher in Japan. Upon termination of employment these weights are increased based upon the number of years of service. Packing and unpacking service costs are also borne by the school.

Medical Benefits
Hospital and major medical coverage is provided as of August 1 with all premiums paid by the school. $1,000 deductible per individual, capped at $3,000 for family. New teachers should maintain their own coverage through July 31 of the year in which they start employment at ASIJ. Dental coverage is also available with the cost of premiums shared equally by the school and the teacher.

Long-term disability insurance is also provided by the school. Life and personal liability insurance policies are arranged for purchase at a reasonable cost.

The school provides a retirement plan and contributes 9% of base salary in each of the first three years, 11% in years 4-7 and 14% thereafter. The retirement age at ASIJ is 65 years old.

Housing Assistance
In addition to the Housing Allowance above, the school provides assistance in locating and contracting housing near the school. Apartments or houses are small by American standards and a mix of Japanese and Western style rooms is common.

Faculty receive the following leave.Sick Leave (10 days/year, may accumulate up to a max. of 60 days)
Professional Development Leave
Personal Leave (2 days, may accumulate up to a max. of 5 days)
Leave of Absence / Maternity Leave / Terminal Illness / Bereavement Leave

*Note the information here is only a brief summary, school personnel policies take precedence.