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Work at ASIJ

Newly-hired teachers are an asset to the school as they bring enthusiasm and new ideas and skills that make valuable contributions to the school's continued development.

Teacher Qualifications

To be eligible for placement on the regular salary scale, teachers must hold a college degree, preferably in the field they will teach. Successful candidates usually have at least five years of teaching experience. Willingness and ability to supervise co-curricular activities are important attributes for teachers. Please be aware of this required assignment since it usually involves a substantial commitment of time after school and on weekends. The retirement age for full-time faculty is 65.


The American School in Japan is committed to ensuring that all students are safeguarded and protected from all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Upon employment, all faculty and staff members are required to sign a student protection agreement, and undergo a background check.

School Calendar

The school year usually begins in late August and closes in mid-June. Holidays include a  long weekend in October, a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving, a New Year’s vacation, two extra days in mid-winter, and a week-long spring break. Many teachers travel throughout Japan or other parts of Asia during these times.


Japan is a modern country with an outstanding system of public transportation. The Japanese are exceptionally friendly and supportive of Westerners. Tokyo is cosmopolitan and provides numerous opportunities for cultural experiences and exploration. Candidates should note, however, that most foreign-hire teachers live near the main campus in Chofu, a suburban environment one hour west of downtown Tokyo by train. 

Many activities of ASIJ’s close-knit faculty center around the school, including musical and theatrical performances, ikebana, martial arts, cycling, aerobics, tennis, swimming, basketball and volleyball. Next to the Chofu campus is gorgeous Nogawa Park offering 200 acres of walking and bike paths, tennis courts, playgrounds and wide open spaces. Close by is the Tama River recreation area, with a bike path extending 40 km from Haneda Airport to the foothills surrounding the city. Kichijoji, the closest city-center, offers a wide range of entertainment activities and restaurants, plus western stores such as Starbucks Coffee, Gap, Nike, etc. Costco is less than an hour's drive, and IKEA a bit farther.  To encourage faculty members who choose to study Japanese, the school offers a monetary incentive to non-Japanese speakers for each level passed on a national exam.

The weather in Tokyo is similar to Charlotte, North Carolina with an Asian twist: hot, humid summers punctuated by rainy and typhoon seasons, mild autumn and winter months, and a beautiful spring overflowing with cherry blossoms.  

Our Faculty

Faculty members demonstrate a strong commitment to the school program and enjoy working at ASIJ and living in Japan. As a result, turnover is low and the average tenure is approximately nine years. Teachers work hard, set high standards for their students and themselves, and they expect and see the same qualities in their colleagues.

ASIJ offers an array of professional development opportunities both on and off campus and a variety of activities are planned throughout the year. The school is particularly interested in teachers with an experience and talent in integrating technology, working collaboratively within teaching teams, unit plan development and assessment design.


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