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Students Enjoy Lunch in the Main Courtyard

Social Spaces

Students Socialize in the Main Courtyard


ASIJ’s courtyard is the heart of the campus in more ways than one. Home to our iconic gate, which dates to the 1930s, and the senior stones that have been laid each year for six decades, the courtyard is the center of many traditions and events. From being an everyday space to hangout and eat lunch, to hosting barbecues and celebrations, the courtyard brings our community together.

The ASIJ High School Book Locker Room

High School Commons

The high school commons is more than just a space for book lockers, it’s the starting point of friendships, a place to relax, the scene of yearbook signings and a good spot to do homework. 

The Middle School Commons

Middle School Commons

At the center of the middle school on the second floor the commons has the flexibility to host community meetings and performances or allow small groups to socialize, study and collaborate. It’s also where our parent community comes together to recognize faculty and staff at the annual appreciation lunch hosted by the PTA.

The Elementary School Playground


Our younger students love being active at recess and three specially-designed playgrounds provide them the opportunity to run, climb, swing and play. At the ELC, the tricycle track is always a favorite as is the climbing area. There’s also space for ball games, a playhouse and wet play. On the Chofu campus, a dedicated, enclosed kindergarten play area features sand and water play, climbing structure and play space. The main elementary school playground features swings, a climbing wall and climbing net, space for ball games and a sand pit. The adjacent main field provides students an additional, wider area for supervised play and ball games.

Students Socialize on an ASIJ Bus


Each of our buses is a community in itself—both at the bus stop and on board. Parents and students socialize each morning as they gather at the bus stop and once the ride begins, students have time to play games, chat and form friendships. 

Students Socialize at Lunch in the ASIJ Cafeteria

Cafeteria & Kiosk

Lunchtime sees the cafeteria and kiosk come to life as each age group (lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school and high school) takes their turn to refuel. The staggered lunch times allow everyone to have a place to eat and older students also have the option to eat outside or in the high school commons. A choice of hot  meals including a vegetarian option and a salad bar are available every day in the cafeteria with additional snack items also provided. The kiosk supplements cafeteria choices with ready-made salads, sandwiches, soup of the day, fruit, freshly baked items, snacks and beverages including coffee (available to adults and older students). Parents are always welcome in both the cafeteria and kiosk.