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Admissions Statement

ASIJ is a non-profit, independent, co-educational day school that offers an American-style college preparatory education.

ASIJ welcomes inquiries and applications from all interested students and does not have any nationality requirements. Consistent with its vision of being an exemplary international learning community, ASIJ welcomes diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

To be successful at ASIJ, students must be comfortable in an academically challenging environment and exhibit personal integrity and community responsibility. We are committed to a diverse school community that appreciates and respects differences. 
The School provides an English Language Learners (ELL) program as well as learning support for high potential students with mild learning differences. We are committed to serving the families who seek the best in education and who seek outstanding preparation for universities and colleges throughout the world.


Can applicants visit the school?

We welcome and encourage campus visits. We hold a number of open houses throughout the year, but you can call and make an appointment for a campus visit and tour at any time, including summers.

Do you have a boarding or homestay option?

No, students must be living with at least one of their parents who is residing in Tokyo and be a dependent on their parent's visa.

How many different nationalities attend your school?

We have over 50 nationalities represented within our student body. American families make up about half of our student body, including families with dual nationalities.

Age and Grade Placement

The general birthday cut-off date is September 1. Applicants for nursery must be three years old before September 1 of the year of enrollment; applicants for pre-kindergarten must be 4 years old before September 1 of the year of enrollment; applicants for kindergarten must be 5 before September 1 of the year of enrollment. Please note that no exceptions can be made to these eligibility requirements. Applicants to grade 1 should be 6 years old before September 1 of the year of enrollment. However, applicants to grade 1 who do not meet this eligibility and who have successfully completed kindergarten at another school outside of Japan may be screened for possible enrollment in grade 1.

Do graduates attend only American universities and colleges?

While the largest percentage of our students choose to attend university or college in the US, many others attend schools in Canada, the UK, Australia and Japan. » Read more about College Acceptances.

Do you admit students with special learning needs?

We have a learning support program K-12 that supports students with mild learning needs. Each applicant is reviewed individually to evaluate whether we can support their learning needs within our curriculum. We encourage prospective families to contact our admissions office to discuss their particular situation.

Do you have to be a native English speaker to attend school at ASIJ?

No. English is our language of instruction, but we have students with a variety of language backgrounds. A high level of English proficiency is needed to be successful in our program, but we offer an ELL program in grades 1-8 to support second language learners. Students must have native level proficiency in all areas of academic English by the end of Grade 8.

Is there an admissions test?

There is no general entrance examination. We review school reports, test scores and recommendations. Applicants may be requested to participate in academic, English or other screening prior to an admissions decision.

Do you get many new students each year?

Yes. We admit over three hundred new students each year, so new students are a part of life at ASIJ.

Where do your teachers come from?

We recruit worldwide in order to hire the most talented teachers in the world. While the majority of our teachers are from North America, we also have teachers from the UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Europe, and South America. » Read more.


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