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Two Elementary School Boys Share a Story Book
Elementary School

A Place to Grow

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My students are amazing, energetic, fun, and have a great sense of humor. They are the type of students who come to school everyday ready and eager to learn, but who also enjoy being challenged and have many interests outside of school.

—Third Grade Teacher

An Elementary School Girl Talks with her Teacher

A Foundation for Success

We recognize the importance of the early years as a foundation for later success.

As a learning community that supports students from age five up, we recognize the importance of the early years as a foundation for later success. We focus on the development of early literacy and numeracy skills and build on that success from year to year.

Elementary school children are in the process of developing enduring attitudes about themselves and their world. We help them to develop pride that comes from a variety of accomplishments, a sense of joy in learning that comes from meaningful, rich experiences and a growing ability to be responsible for themselves and others.

An Elementary School Student Runs with a Giant Ball During a Relay

How we run

ASIJ is a place where learners  are able to take chances, are excited to learn and where you’ll find a community that is warm and caring. We believe ASIJ offers one of the strongest developmentally-appropriate academic programs available to young students anywhere in the world.

The Elementary School operates on a nine-day cycle. Each school day is designated by a letter, A through I, independent of the day of the week. Physical education, visual arts and music classes meet three times per cycle, and there are daily Japanese language classes for heritage speakers and as a foreign language. Students also have regularly scheduled class time in our age-appropriate library, which they can also access during recess.

A full complement of specialists provide support to children with a range of learning needs and three counselors support student’s social and emotional well-being. Further services are provided by learning support teachers, ELL specialists and a speech language therapist who works with students in Kindergarten through grade five. More detail about our approach and curriculum at each grade level can be found in our Learning Framework.

To see how well our students perform in reading and math on MAP tests, take a look at the Annual Report.

The use of iPads for learning is a key component of our instructional program in elementary school. iPads are used for learning in ways that enrich experiences, personalize instruction, and extend our capacity to connect and contribute to the world. Students use iPads to inquire, collaborate, create artifacts which represent their learning, and share their learning.

Our digital citizenship program focuses on building students’ skills so they know how to engage online in a safe, honest, responsible, and respectful manner. We believe that well-managed, balanced and purposeful use of technology can help us become a community of inquisitive learners and independent thinkers.

Join us at the Elementary School.

The Leadership.

Marc L'Heureux, Elementary School Principal

Marc L'Heureux

Elementary School Principal
Leah Shy, Elementary School Associate Principal

Leah Shy

Elementary School Associate Principal

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