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Four Middle Schoolers Use an Interactive Surface at the Hiroshima Peace Museum
Middle School

A Rich Learning Experience

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I’ve already experienced many wonderful moments since being at ASIJ but the seventh grade extended trips to Hiroshima and the Izu peninsula really stand out—it was great seeing the students have their education come to life.

—Middle School Science Teacher

Middle School Students Row a Hand-Built Watercraft

A Journey

We are committed to offering a well-rounded, student-centered, and hands-on academic and co-curricular program, ensuring a memorable learning experience for your child.

The middle school years are a journey through early adolescence where intellectual, social and physical changes are rapid and varied, so our faculty deliver a program aimed to meet these needs for the different grade level groups, while keeping a close eye on molding and shaping each individual student as well. Our ultimate goals are to stretch and develop students to their maximum potential, and to also equip them with the critical socio-emotional, academic, and behavioral skills to flourish in high school and beyond. We are committed to offering a well-rounded, student-centered, and hands-on academic and co-curricular program, ensuring a memorable learning experience for your child.

A Middle School Girl Uses a Microscope

Growing in Middle School

In the middle years, students experience a great deal of growth and the brain both sprouts new dendrites and prunes those that are not used.

This makes it particularly important that we give students opportunities not just in humanities, science and math but also in performance, language, creativity and design. We provide a curriculum that allows for guided choice, covering a broad range of subjects and topics so the brain can flex and grow at this vital time.

Students may find that some subjects come naturally and that others require persistence and perseverance— practice with our Approaches to Learning allows students to demonstrate good learning habits that are manifest in collaboration, responsibility and self directed learning. More detail about our approach and curriculum at each grade level can be found in our Learning Framework.

To see how well our students perform in reading and math on MAP tests, take a look at the Annual Report.

The Middle School year is divided into two semesters. The timetable operates on a rotating block schedule whereby Humanities classes meet everyday and all other courses meet alternate days for 75 or 80 minutes. Middle schoolers have Advisory period every day for 35 minutes.

During the year students explore unique settings in the mountains, lake regions, cities and coastlines of Japan through our extended campus program.

Through this classroom-without-walls concept, our trips provide students with memorable experiences that make the curriculum come alive through each trip's diverse activities. Students develop stronger bonds and friendships because of these trips, both with their classmates and their teacher chaperons and, of course, have a lot of fun while they learn.

Join us in the Middle School.

The Leadership.

Pip Curtis, Middle School Principal

Pip Curtis

Middle School Principal
Marc Vermeire, Middle School Associate Principal

Marc Vermeire

Middle School Associate Principal

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