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High School

ASIJ's high school offers students a challenging and diverse college-preparatory program that aims to develop well-rounded individuals. The curriculum includes a wide variety of courses that range from a choice of four modern languages to innovative science and technology classes. Advanced Placement courses in over 20 subjects and additional honors courses in other subjects give students the opportunity to focus on particular disciplines and develop high-level skills.

An extensive range of co-curricular options that cover everything from student leadership and service to athletics and the fine arts provides high school students with a myriad of opportunities to excel beyond the classroom.


The first semester begins in late August and ends in mid-December. The second semester begins in January and ends in mid-June (see the Calendar for details). High school students follow an eight-day rotating cycle with four 75-minute periods per day. Students typically take six or seven courses each semester.


Fostering a community of inquisitive learners and independent thinkers,
inspired to be their best selves, empowered to make a difference

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