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Our Leadership

Meet ASIJ’s school leadership team

Learn about our divisional leadership on the Early Learning Center, Elementary School, Middle School and High School pages.

Jim Hardin, Head of School

Jim Hardin

Head of School
Scott Wilcox, Deputy Head of School for Learning

Scott Wilcox

Deputy Head of School for Learning
Bhupesh Upadhyay, COO/CFO

Bhupesh Upadhyay

Angie McCullough, Director of Admissions

Angie McCullough

Director of Admissions
Warren Apel, Director of Technology

Warren Apel

Director of Technology
Emily EasterdayEmily Easterday, Director of Student Support

Emily Easterday

Director of Student Support
Clive Watkins, Director of Institutional Advancement

Clive Watkins

Director of Institutional Advancement