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Elementary School

The elementary program is active and varied with a vibrant mix of language, culture, the arts, science, physical education, social studies and literacy development. The mission statement and strategic objectives support the direction for education to inspire ASIJ students to be future leaders and contributors to the international community. Our role in the Elementary School is to build the foundation for this to occur. ASIJ’s mission of “developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for global responsibility” has served the school for many years and continues to capture the aspirations we have for our students.

As a learning community that supports learners from five years of age, we recognize the importance of the early years as a foundation for later success. We focus on the development of early literacy skills and build on that success from year to year. Elementary school children are in the process of developing enduring attitudes about themselves and their world. They need to develop pride that comes from a variety of accomplishments, a sense of joy in learning that comes from meaningful, rich experiences and a growing ability to be responsible for themselves and others.

The Elementary School operates on a nine-day cycle. Each school day is designated by a letter, A through I, independent of the day of the week. Visual arts, music and other special classes are assigned according to these various letter days. Physical education, visual arts and music classes meet three times per cycle, and there are daily Japanese language classes for heritage and non-native speakers.

Technology is frequently integrated into studies in all subject areas. Students use iPads in their homerooms and e-readers in the library as well as various hardware and software in music, Japanese language and art classes. Our technology specialist collaborates with other faculty to provide instruction to elementary students that is linked to their classroom studies.

A full complement of specialists provide support to children with a range of learning needs and issues as well as to students with specific learning needs. This includes two counselors, learning support teachers, ELL specialists and a speech language therapist who works with students in Kindergarten through grade five.


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